Senior Care Assistant (Cedars)

As a Senior Care Assistant you will be in charge of a shift of workers and will take responsibility for the smooth running of the service whilst you are on duty. You will respond to emergencies and provide guidance and support to Care Assistants under the supervision of qualified Nursing Staff. To provide the highest possible standards of care and service to all of the residents, as well as in addition to a supervisory role.

You will need to have a previous experience as a Senior Care Assistant to be considered for this role.

Job Duties (include but are not limited to)

=         To assist residents with those activities which they would usually perform or have in the past performed themselves but cannot now without assistance.

=         Carry out your duties as key worker to nominated residents under the management and supervision of your Line Manager Provide care as laid down in the care plans and under the direction of the Manager.

=         Carry out regular checks on residents and the environment throughout the day / night, working with the Clinical Care Coordinator where applicable, to ensure standards are maintained.

=         To answer promptly to all nurse alarm calls, assessing each situation and dealing with any resident who is seeking help. In cases of emergency to summon the qualified Nursing Staff, Clinical Care Coordinator or Manager and if necessary to call the emergency GP and/or summon an ambulance.

As a Senior Care Assistant, you will be expected to;

=         Act as a role model to all Care Assistants.

=         Conduct a joint handover with the Clinical Care Coordinator to ensure that a comprehensive and effective handover between shifts is completed.

=         Organise the care staff for the shift, delegate care based on your knowledge of the residents and staff levels and abilities.

=         Ensure that all Care Assistants with in your team follow the individualizes care plans for residents and encourage them to contribute towards their development and review.

=         Assist with staffing rota’s and shift coverage as required

=         Supervising care delivery and reporting any concerns to the RGN/ RMN in change or the Clinical Care Co-ordinator.

=         Support training and supervision of junior and new Staff Members in all aspects of their work in the Home, under the supervision of Senior Staff Members. 

Our philosophy is to create a secure, relaxed happy and homely atmosphere for the residents to live in and for the staff to work in. We specialise in providing quality residential care for the elderly.  

It is our aim to preserve the self-respect of those who depend on the support of others. We feel that those who live at Cedars Care Home should do so with dignity, have the respect of those who support them and be entitled to live a full and active life, given the fundamental right to self-determination and individuality within the framework of a care home.

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We are part of the Canford Healthcare group of homes.